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How It Came To Be

John and I are not commercial developers; we don’t make a business of taking risk and reaping profit. We have purchased a rare, secluded, 250 acre south slope where we hope to have our own homes. We each have spent over thirty years in the design and construction business and know how to organize the people and process of development. Between us we have done some land planning for ourselves, cleared it for pasture and pond, designed and built timber frame, solar and high performance homes, raised animals, planted orchards and grown organic gardens—otherwise known as Homesteading.

John has long been looking for a place in the North Carolina Mountains where he could retreat from the pace of the more urban Durham/Chapel Hill area. Most of the developments too closely resembled the suburban communities around home and it was hard to find a piece of land large and remote enough that the neighbors wouldn’t spoil the tranquility. 

When he found Wolf Mountain, he invited me for a visit. My career interest has been in renewable energy systems and high performance homes. Wolf Mountain is ideal for both! The 250 acres John found was entirely on the south and east slope, heavily wooded, with several high elevation springs and bordered by a bold stream, Wolf Branch. Every dwelling can be an earth sheltered, passive solar design. Well insulated, their heating and cooling needs would be only a fraction of typical homes. And at any time, now or in the future, they would be perfectly sited for the addition of solar electric panels or domestic water heating systems. In addition to solar energy systems, the North Carolina Mountains are a favorable location for wind turbines, and Wolf Branch is strong enough for a micro-hydro electric turbine.

The skills for building with local materials are traditional; the experience with renewable energy systems and organic farming techniques, very well developed, offering a wealth of information and capable people available for such a development on Wolf Mountain. The Retreat at Wolf Mountain offers an opportunity to participate in man’s most fundamental task—to create a home for himself with the resources immediately at hand, as well as interesting advances in renewable energy technology.

--Jeff Rellich